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Name:Sam Guthrie || Cannonball
Birthdate:Jan 11

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accents, all y'all are gay, being a brother, being a derp, being a friend, being a leader, being polite, being smart, bffs, brothers, but sir, but why, cannonball, cannonballs, danger room, externals, family, fap fap fap, free moustache rides, goggles, goggles look cool, guthrie, guthrieness, ha-yuck, happy faces, having feet, head first, help, helping folks, i love my gf, i need overalls, i'm grounded, karma, kicking face, magnum pi, mah tie, making movies, manners, mason dixon, mercy, mines, new mutants, new mutants ftw, not deadpool, oopsie, overalls, panties, plz i need overalls, randomly farming, sam get out, sam guthrie, sam guthrie/overalls, samson guthry, seriously get out sam, sir, sir sandwich, sirrrr, sisters, slapping xavier, southerners, spit, the ladies, the letter c, the south, to be giving overalls, what is that sir, x-force, x-men, yes sir
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